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Lead-based materials including Lead Based Paint are found in our environment and homes. Lead-based products are found in paint, glazes, plumbing fixtures, and steel structures. The severity of health effects of lead contamination is now fully recognized. Laws and regulations are constantly being changed in order to limit the exposure levels of Lead containing materials. IHS provides consulting and training services including inspections, risk assessments, Lead clearance Testing, lead abatement management, and Lead RRP training. IHS will advise you of course of actions, which is the most appropriate type for your needs.

Lead Related Services Include:

  • Lead RRP Training
  • Lead Clearance Testing
  • Lead Inspections
  • Lead Based Paint Removal/Renovations/ demolition inspections
  • Lead Abatement Project Design
  • Lead Abatement management & monitoring
  • Lead Based Paint Management/O&M (Operations & Maintenance)
  • Lead Awareness Training )

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